February 2015

Times are changing and we are changing with them...

The year is still young and work on the sixth construction phase of our enterprise has just started. The once spacious parking lot for Solupharm staff has now been replaced by the new extension built to accommodate the packing department, warehouse and additional office space. There are now more than 130 employee parking spaces on a new 8,200 m2 lot on the B487 main road. The new access road to the main entrance has already been in use since 2014. All of this means that Solupharm Pharmazeutische Erzeugnisse GmbH has realized its envisioned corporate aims.

December 2014

We remember the year 2005:

On 7 November 2005, Solupharm produced the first batch for the market at the new business location, Industriestrasse 3, in Melsungen. Nine years have now passed. A period in which wide-ranging customer-oriented and internal challenges have been taken up and brought to a successful conclusion. Innovative thought and action are part of our company philosophy with which we will also continue to face the future flexibly.

October 2014

Final examination by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in summer 2014: The champion hailed from Solupharm!

In a presentation ceremony held on 7 October 2014, Committee Member Detlef Kümper from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Kassel-Marburg presented the Hessian Champion certificate in recognition of the excellent performance of our former trainee, now a qualified Production Specialist for Chemistry. Together with their families and friends, 180 trainees with the top grade “1” and 21 Hessian champions in various vocational training professions from Northern Hesse and the Marburg District then enjoyed the evening’s entertainment programme, which included a magic show.

But that’s not all: our trainee with the top grade “1” has the honour to call himself all-German champion in the named vocational training profession. We are very proud of this achievement. Congratulations! In accordance with tradition, a ceremony of this kind takes places in December this year, to which everyone actively involved in training are invited. Therefore we are very proud that a certificate of honour has been presented to our company. At this point Solupharm would like to thank all trainers and supporting staff for their hard work and commitment.

We also very cordially congratulate another trainee on his passing his final exam to qualify as a Machine and Plant Operator.

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